How to learn guitar easily.

If you are a new comer ! Then don't be afraid . All you need to do only 1 and half our practice everyday. If this is not possible then just two or three days a week.
There is another way ..
Make any day a decision that you will play guitar minimum 8 hours on that particular day.
But my advice is that -Do this if you haven't much time or just if you want to be a little guitarist.
To be a guitarist Like Eric Clapton or Steve Vai  you need much more (very).

All you need to do to be a faster guitarist-
  1. Knows what your goals are.
  2.  Cares about helping you reach your goals.
  3.  Knows how to help you reach your goals.
  4. Define your purpose
  5. Create a strategy!
  6. Imagine yourself having the skills that you desire.
  7. Don't compare yourself to others.
  8. Make sure you are practicing efficiently.
  9. Play with others in a band or some type of ensemble
  10. Measure your progress.
  11. Do not pander to your strengths while ignoring your weaknesses.
  12. Never leave your guitar !

And have to care about-
  1. Chords and Scales

  2. Styles and Techniques

  3. And your guitar strings.

The easy cords of these blog helps you to be a good guitarist.

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