The Monkees/Smash Mouth/Shrek - I'm A Believer Chords

I[G] thought love was o[D]nly true in f[G]airy tales.
M[G]eant for someone e[D]lse but not for [G]me.
L[C]ove was out to g[G]et me;
T[C]hat's the way it s[G]eemed;
D[C]isappointment h[G]aunted all my d[D]reams

Chorus :
Then I saw her f[G]ace [C] [G]
Now I'm a beli[G]ever [C] [G]
Not a tr[G]ace [C] [G] of doubt in my m[G]ind [C] [G]
I'm in l[G]o---[C]ve; I'm a beli[G]ever, I couldn't le[F]ave her if I t[D7]ried.

I[G] thought love was more or less a g[G]ivin' thing
It see[G]ms the more I g[D]ave the less I [G]got
W[C]hat's the use in tr[G]yin'
A[C]ll you get is p[G]ain
W[C]hen I needed sun[G]shine I got [D]rain.