Pink Floyd - Breathe in the air Guitar Chords, lyrics

[Em] [A] [Asus4] [A]
[Em] [A] [Asus4] [A]

[Em]Breathe, breathe in the [A]air [Asus4] [A]
[Em]Don't be afraid to [A]care [Asus4] [A]
[Em]Leave but don't leave [A]me [Asus4] [A]
[Em]Look around and choose your [A]own ground [Asus4] [A]

For[C]long you live and high you fly
And [Bm]smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry
[F]All you touch and all you see
Is [G]all your [G7]life will [Bb]ever be

[Em]Run, rabbit [A]run [Asus4] [A]
[Em]Dig that hole, forget the [A]sun [Asus4] [A]
[Em]When at last the work is [A]done [Asus4] [A]
[Em]Don't sit down it's time to dig a[A]nother one [Asus4] [A]

For [C]long you live and high you fly
But [Bm]only if you ride the tide
And [F]balanced on the biggest wave
You [G]race to[G7]wards an [Bb]early grave

[Em]Home, home a[A]gain [Asus4] [A]
[Em]I like to be there when I [A]can [Asus4] [A]
[Em]When I come in cold and [A]tired [Asus4] [A]
[Em]It's good to warm my bones beside the [A]fire [Asus4] [A]

[C]Far away across the field
The [Bm]tolling of the iron bell
[F]Calls the faithful to their knees
To [G]hear the [G7]softly spoken magic [Bb]spells.